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      • Address:New District Pingnan County of Guangxi Province in East China Guigang Pingnan bridge beside


      Guangxi huayang mineral source material co., LTD. Is located in the xijiang second bridge of dongdong new area, pingnan town, pingnan county, pingnan county, guangxi. It is a production and operation enterprise that is deeply processing the ore with high technology technology and equipment. The products mainly include nano - grade calcium carbonate, high quality ultrafine calcium carbonate, general light calcium carbonate, active calcium oxide and so on. With an annual output of 600,000 tons of nano-grade light calcium carbonate production line, the total investment is about RMB 1 billion yuan, and the annual output value is expected to be more than 1.5 billion yuan, with annual revenue of more than 200 million yuan. The company insists on people-oriented, market-oriented, with science and technology as the power, take the quality as the guarantee, service for the purpose of the management idea, carries forward the "unity, dedication, dedication, innovation" spirit of enterprise, advancing with The Times, hard up, beyond the self, the pursuit of excellence, for the social development to make positive contribution. Due to the company's development needs, we are looking for talents to welcome you!


      I. recruitment position:


      Four of the six workers have been charged with forklift truck drivers


      Mechanic technician 3 person of high/low voltage electrician 4 water electrician 1 person


      The technician has two persons in charge of accounting 1


      Sales of 6 people purchase 2 people to receive 1 person


      Security guard 1 person security 3 people total office secretary 2 people


      Safety inspector 2 production and management 3 persons




      2. Working time and treatment


      1. The production class position, the operation of the three shifts, the four days of the month, the monthly comprehensive income of 2800 yuan - 4000 yuan;


      2. Functional positions, single and double, monthly comprehensive income of 2,300 yuan - 4000 yuan, production management negotiable;


      3. Security guard, three shift operation, monthly income of about 2,400 yuan.


      Iii. Recruitment contact information


      Address: next to the second bridge of dongdong new district, pingnan town (loi primary school, 300 meters to danzhu)


      Phone: 0775-7983336 email address: gxhyzp@163.com



      Address:New District Pingnan County of Guangxi Province in East China Guigang Pingnan bridge beside     Tel:0775—7850086    Zip code:537300
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