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      Review of the activities of the 2019 New Year Conference


              In the afternoon of January 31, 2019, in order to thank all the employees of the Group for their efforts and efforts over the past year, to show the good features of our company's vigorous development, to enhance friendship and cohesion, our company held an annual meeting on the theme of "cohesion, moving forward, drawing together brilliantly".

      First, accompanied by happy music, the hosts came on stage one after another, and the annual meeting officially began!


      Leadership Address: Summarize 2018 and look forward to 2019.

      Zhang general's speech

      Address by President of Europe

      3. The banquet shows are brilliant.

      Program 1: The chorus "Tomorrow will be better" brought by the employees of the company's production system is loud and passionate, indicating that the company's tomorrow will be better!

      Chorus "Tomorrow Will Be Better"

      Program 2: Workshop colleagues bring us a song "Congratulations on Getting Rich". The scene bursts of applause, together with music to show the new year's flavor.

      Congratulations on Getting Rich

      Program 3: Bring a wonderful dance "Modern Dance" by the handsome men and beautiful women in the functional departments. The scene is charming, dynamic, screaming and cheering, and people can not help but follow their impulse to sway together!

      Dance "Modern Dance"

      Program 4: Elegant Dance and Strong National Style in Pingshu-Double Dance…

      Pingshu - Double Dance

      Program 5: The chorus of "Family Love and Family Love" composed of employees of various departments, just as the song intended to express the meaning, through singing to express that we are a whole, a team, a family!


      4. Drawing Links

      First and fifth prizes worth 588 yuan and 30 sets of rice cookers

      (Vice President Chen presented the award)

      (Vice-President Gan presented the award)

      2nd and 4th prizes: 8 Rongsheng refrigerators for 1288 yuan

      (Vice President Chen presented the award)

      (Vice President Chen presented the award)

      3rd and 3rd prizes: 55 inch millet TV sets worth 2588 yuan and 5 sets

      (Vice President Li presented the award)

      4. The value of the second prize platform bell electric vehicle is 4388 yuan and 3 vehicles

      (Mr. Zhang took the stage to present the award)

      5. First Prize Cash 8000 Yuan 1

      (The European General Committee takes the stage to award awards)

      V. Interactive Links

      At the end of every wonderful program, there was a lot of applause. In the toast speech of the company leader, we drank together and celebrated the evening.



      Interactive links

      The glorious year 2018 has passed, and the year 2019, full of hope and challenges, has come quietly. We are full of longing and passion. Let's use confidence and courage to stride forward and create a more brilliant future.

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